African Arts and Community Resource Centre

The UK population today is alive with many cultures that have been embedded in society over several centuries and waves of immigration. Some are first generation but the great majority are second, third and fourth generation in the Afrikan community. In 1974, an African Arts and Community resources centre was set up in the St Paul's area of Bristol to offer a unique service to the many thousands of people that are of African and Caribbean descent.

While the British curriculum is wide open to the knowledge which can be learned from early schooling through to teenager, it is as it should be and focuses on British culture and religion. Although it does cover the wider aspects of related religions and cultures, it can't alter to cover all of the immigrants educational needs relating to historical references and cultural aspects.

Kuumba was formed to offer the missing link in heritage and cultural learning that our children would miss by not growing up in their ancestral towns and villages. Some parents may feel it important that they learn the roots of where their family came from and the Kuumba arts and community resource is an attempt at offering that education and cultural reference.

African and African Caribbean Community

The centre is open to all cultures and all faiths and welcomes them with open arms though the emphasis will always be on African / Caribbean cultural aspects. Throughout the year they run a wide range of activities and events to educate as well as entertain the community. The programmes which feature include live events and workshops where you can learn about African dance, music, drama and literature and play an active role in the performance styles while learning. At the heart of the centre is the term 'Kuumba' in Swahili this suggest Creativity.

Creativity is one of the seven main founding ingredients that make up Kwanzaa from matunda ya kwanza, meaning "first fruits of the harvest" - an Afro-American holiday celebration devised in the 1960s. It's a focus of energies which celebrates the African community and ensures engagement of its combined qualities throughout. 

Kuumba Activities And Services:

Support is offered to a wide range of elements of the African and Caribbean community including the St. Paul's Carnival, Bristol Black Writers and assists in the hosting and development of Black History Month. Other activities offered are the Afrikan Caribbean Arts & Cultural Programme, Afrikan Caribbean Arts Forum (ACAF), Jumoke Day Nursery, Sankore Library, Bwerani, Work Space Units, Meeting Rooms for Hire and Capital Development.